Forest Home

The Forest House

When I was six weeks old, our little family moved around the corner from Spring Street to Skinner Street. They have lived in that same house ever since.  

The front yard is often overgrown with greenery, so much so that you usually can't see the house behind. Whenever people gave me lifts home I'd always refer to our house as the one that looked like a forest. To give a better idea of what the house looks like I have stripped back some of the greenery in the illustration.  

When I was a kid I spent a lot of time on Skinner Street, riding bikes and singing loud and obnoxious songs with my friend Aurora (who lived up the street). We also spied on our neighbours a lot and were general menaces. For that I am truly sorry.

There are probably about three time capsules filled with Paddle Pop sticks, Snoopy toys, 5c coins, and funny letters buried in various locations on Skinner Street.